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Play MY song....

"I know times seem perilous but I am in control. I am walking with my children. Those who don’t hear my voice have fell to the devil’s lies but I can make all things new. I am the TRUTH and when the TRUTH is revealed, again, my children have a choice. There is no room to fret or worry I AM your SAVIOR!

Trust that I AM who I say that I AM. Those who are listening are learning the way I have called all my children to fully love. Your Mother and the angels are in full force gathering and leading. It will seem like all is lost, believe and know my promises are true! Proclaim me! Proclaim me now, don’t wait till you see the perilous times turning into a victory. Proclaim me now when my children are lost and hopeless! The time is now to play your trumpet! Do not hesitate, you are an instrument in the choir of angels proclaiming my Epiphany! Play my song!" 1/21


Words of
Everyday Grace

Words are powerful!  God literally used words to create the Universe by speaking creation into existence.  In Genesis 1:3 God said, "Let there be light," and there was light. What a beautiful act of love! God uses this communication through the Holy Spirit to "speak" sanctity into us! To transform us from sin to holiness. 

Graces are the supernatural gifts God gives us to help us gain eternal salvation. 

When we surrender ourselves to God we can be led by these truths and be transformed to  become more like Jesus!






To know Him, is to love and hear His voice.

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